Exhaustive list of iOS 7 Features

BY Jason

Published 18 Sep 2013


Apple introduced iOS 7 – its new mobile operating system during the WWDC 2013 Keynote on June 10. It features more than 200 new features including an all-new user interface, Control Center, improved Notification Center, true multitasking, all-new Camera app with filters, new Photos app, AirDrop, iTunes Radio and lots more.

Here’s the exhaustive list of new features and improvements in iOS 7.

Design and UI:

  • No more fake linen and leather textures. iOS 7 has forgone skeuomorphism in favor of a digitally authentic interface, with a heavy use of blur, transparency and layering to create the illusion of depth.
  • The system font has changed to Helvetica Neue Regular.
  • Full Screen apps that make use of the system status bar and navigation bar.
  • Translucent design in tab bar, navigation bar, status bar, system keyboard, Control Center, and Notification Center (some translucent layers not on iPhone 4).
  • Opaque design in Alert view, Action Sheet and Share Sheet.
  • Borderless buttons in general.
  • Back navigation gesture by swiping from left edge of the screen.
  • New UI for arranging tab-bar icons.
  • System-wide dynamic font size, configurable in Settings.
  • Enhance the viewing experience of non-iPad apps on Retina iPads, remove the 1x and 2x toggle, apps are opened in ’2x’ mode by default on non-Retina iPads.

Home screen:


  • “New” banner on newly installed apps have been replaced with blue dots.
  • Built-in app icons have glossy effect removed.

Control Center:


  • A unified screen to quickly access toggles and controls for system settings and services, and for using AirDrop and AirPlay.
  • System wide, accessible by swiping upward from the bottom of the screen.
  • Accessible in the lock screen.
  • Flashlight (device-specific features that come with physical camera) toggle button.
  • Landscape support.
  • A grabber in full screen apps.
  • Mute/silent toggle button in iPad.



  • Integrates Apple’s ad-hoc Wi-Fi sharing feature AirDrop (iPhone 5, iPad (4th generation), iPad Mini, and iPod Touch (5th generation) only).
  • Alert view, for receive invitation from other devices, option to accept/cancel.
  • Options to set discoverable: Off/Contacts only/Everyone.

Inter-app Audio:

  • Register audio streams to share with other apps.
  • Provides for MIDI control of audio rendering, remotely launching other registered Inter-App Audio apps.

Notification Center:


  • Accessible in the lock screen.
  • Today tab, for previewing the events calendar, stocks, and tomorrows events; provides traffic info on frequently visited places.
  • Missed Filter – Can filter list to see notifications that occurred when phone was not actively in use
  • Bounces when swiped down quickly.
  • Landscape support.



  • Unlimited number of apps via folder subpages.
  • Newsstand app can now be moved inside any folder.
  • Transparent background
  • Folders change color when apps are downloading and clock-like animated progress graphic is superimposed over folders that have actively downloading apps.


  • A dedicated app (the previous version was a kind of folder), with short cut to Store.
  • Newsstand can now be hidden in a folder


  • New feedback when pressing a key.
  • Toggle landscape mode button.
  • The Calculator app no longer looks like a real calculator. The buttons have been flattened, there’s no leather texture in the background and the numbers itself are now shown in a very thin font.
  • The Equals button has become smaller, and the landscape button grid is now 5 x 10 instead of 6 x 8

Spotlight search:

spotlight search ios 7 1

  • Accessible on every page of the Home screen by swiping downward from anywhere.
  • New animation



  • Redesigned switcher, with horizontal scrolling for previewing all running apps, and swipe upward gesture to stop any running apps.
  • Can close multiple apps simultaneously by swiping with multiple fingers.
  • Landscape switcher.
  • Smart background app running mode; fetches data based on network connectivity and user habits.
  • Use apps while the app is updating.




  • Dynamics animation for different weathers. (iPhone 4S and later, iPad, iPod touch only)
  • Shows sunrise/sunset humidity, chance of precipitation, and wind speed.
  • Can see multiple locations simultaneously when the menu icon is selected.
  • Can select GPS Arrow Icon at bottom to immediately see weather for current location.


  • Block list.
  • Contact pictures on Favorites.
  • Transparency in the number pad button when pressing.
  • Phone History and Voicemail Info options allow one to return the call in multiple ways including call back, FaceTime and Messaging.


  • New fields in Contacts: “Add Social Profile”, and “Add Instant Message”.
  • “Chat”, “FaceTime”, “Mail” buttons next to the contact information; no longer need to scroll down to the bottom.
  • Send contacts through AirDrop.


  • FaceTime Audio.
  • Block list.
  • A dedicated app on the iPhone, like the previous version on iPod Touch, and iPad.



  • Long SMS.
  • Block list.
  • No longer have to scroll to the top to access “Call”, “FaceTime”, and “Info”.
  • Contact pictures in group chats.
  • Ability to see the time of each message.
  • Drag the conversation bubbles to the left to see the exact time the message was sent.
  • Event and address detection in the message context, tap to open in Calendar and Map.
  • A contact with a nickname will appear in Messages under the nickname, rather than the full name.
  • New animation when compressing video to be shared.



  • Full screen browsing, the previous version only support in iPhone Landscape mode.
  • Unified text field for both URL and search.
  • Bookmarked website thumbnail icons appear when text field is activated.
  • Top-hit, Google suggest, Bookmarks, and History appear on the unified text field while typing.
  • Preview tabs are no longer limit to only 8.
  • Preview tabs use new 3D vertical animation for previewing the opened tabs; long press to edit positions, swipe to remove.
  • Reading List shows website thumbnails on the right.
  • Scrolls articles one-by-one vertically from Reading List, as per OS X Mavericks.
  • Supports iCloud Keychain for website login & Wi-Fi network passwords, credit/debit card management, and other account info. This feature was removed in iOS 7 GM.
  • Swipe gestures for back/previous history, as per OS X.
  • Parental controls.
  • Private button: enables “Do not track me.” feature per website within the app. Previously, configuration appeared in Settings for the every website.
  • Recent links: a reading list of all user’s friends on Facebook or Twitter post.
  • Reading List button: new round glasses icon pays tribute to Steve Jobs.
  • The .com button removed and replaced with a simple period button. The .com, .net, and .org domain extensions can be accessed by holding down on the button.
  • Bookmarks/Reading List/Shared Links tabs re-ordered/slightly tweaked.
  • New bolder loading bar, private browsing UI tweaks and tab/bookmark changes on the iPad .


  • Photo Stream video support, and more than one contributor per photo stream.
  • Notification Sync across different iCloud devices.


  • Automatic Day/Night Mode that responds to ambient light and current time to switch between day and night color schemes.
  • Turn-by-turn walking directions, with estimated time.
  • Maps bookmarks syncing.
  • Receives notification data sent from the new Maps app in OS X Mavericks (version 10.9).
  • A live compass at the right top corner.


  • App icon reflects the live time.
  • Timer shows in the lock screen.



  • New iTunes Radio service.
  • Scrub along the song to get to a certain part directly from the lock screen.
  • Download full albums from iCloud from iTunes Match.
  • Tapping a song in the Now-Playing screen allows users to rate.
  • Cover Flow: Instead of swiping though individual albums, one now swipe through multiple albums.

App Store:

  • Automatic app updates: switch to enable/disable in Settings, under iTunes, App Store.
  • New catalogues for kids based on their age.
  • Genius tab replaced with “Apps Near Me” tab. for app recommendations based on user’s location.
  • Volume purchase.
  • Search tab redesigned, the number of results appears on the right of the search field.
  • Circular download progress animation during downloading/updating in Home Screen.
  • Add to wish list.




  • Albums are organized by Places, Moments, and Years, using the EXIF data as the base of the collection.
  • Share Sheet shares photos to iCloud, social networks, and AirDrop (if available).
  • New default album “Panorama Photos”.



  • Control redesign: swipe horizontally to select the still images, videos, square photos, and Panorama modes (if available).
  • Live Image filters (if available).
  • SDK for 60 FPS video recording.
  • Pinch to zoom while video recording.
  • Redeem iTunes gift card using front camera.
  • Slow motion video recording at 120 frames per second.


  • New layout for Calendar list view on the iPhone.
  • Years view.
  • Week view.
  • Integration with Mail.
  • Integration with Maps, users are notified with transit information when entering places information.
  • Can now hide or show declined events.
  • Will support custom calendar colors
  • All Day toggle on the Add Event Screen instead of buried in the Select Time control.
  • Can snooze or View Event when an Event Reminder appears.
  • Can setup a second alert time for an event.
  • Can change Busy/Free Status
  • Selecting the name of the calendar month shows the monthly calendar.

Game Center:

  • Secure game scores.
  • Authenticated players.
  • Turn-based game modes.
  • Ranking-style leader boards.



  • View PDF annotation.
  • New smart mailboxes.
  • Improved Mail search.
  • Hotmail is now Outlook when adding an account, using new Outlook icon.
  • Flagged, Unread, To or CC, Attachments, All drafts, All sent, All Trash smart mailboxes.
  • Shake to Undo to un-archive something.
  • When emailing a passbook pass, it appears as a pass.
  • New animation when compressing video to be shared.
  • New animation when moving mail into a folder.
  • When selecting a target folder while moving an email, an iconic image of the email above the folder selector appears.
  • Have the ability to move an email to Junk folder when flagging.
  • New Print option available when Reply option is selected.


  • New design, mostly white.
  • No longer change fonts in Notes.
  • Can AirDrop notes.


  • Add a new Control Center.
  • Per app cellular data usage permission.
  • Per app using microphone privacy permission.
  • Per app using camera privacy permission.
  • Password required to reset networking and contents.


China-specific features:

  • Tencent Weibo social network integration.
  • Chinese-English bilingual dictionary.
  • Improved Chinese input including T9 keyboard for pinyin (Added in Beta 4), and handwriting recognition for multiple Chinese characters.



  • Updated voices, and a new male voice (in select regions/languages). English (US), French, and German will be available with the launch of iOS 7 (additional languages will be added over time).
  • Controls certain system settings, such as turning on/off Bluetooth, and changing display brightness.
  • Search from Wikipedia and Bing search engines.
  • Instruction “Launch Maps” gives users a choice between Apple’s Maps app or other map apps.
  • Navigation, access and voice are more natural.


  • Geofencing.
  • Ability to create repeating reminders has been removed.


  • Scan and recognize barcodes/QR codes.
  • Add gift cards as a folder.

Find My iPhone:

  • New version
  • Re-activation with iCloud account if the device have been wiped remotely using Find My iPhone service, to prevent unauthorized usage of the lost device.
  • Password required to disable. (Activation Lock)

iOS in the Car:


  • Providing iOS control to in-car control systems on some car models by selected vendors from 2014.
  • Includes Siri integration (eyes-free/hands-free modes), satellite navigation, telephony, music, and iMessage integration.

Enterprise and businesses:

  • Enterprise single sign-on.
  • Per app VPN.
  • Managed app config, for more efficiently deploying and managing of iPhones and iPads.


  • Setup and configure Wi-Fi accessories, such as AirPlay speakers.
  • Alert error message “This cable or accessory is not certified and may not work reliably with this iPhone.” when connecting to uncertified cables or MFi accessories.
  • iBeacons: a new class of low-powered, low-cost transmitters that can notify nearby devices, which serve as trail markers in a park, exhibits in a museum, or product displays in stores.
  • Bluetooth LE profiles; including time, notifications, keyboards, and stereo sound, which means a lot more notifications for your Pebble watch.
  • MFi game controllers.

Voice Memo:

  • New design.
  • Save to iCloud.
  • Share using AirDrop.

Status Bar:

  • Translucent design.
  • 1xRTT icon on CDMA iPhones changed from “o” icon to “1x” icon.
  • GPRS icon on GSM iPhones changed from “o” icon to “GPRS” icon.
  • Dots representations for cellular signal strength.
  • Battery Percentage in status bar for iPod Touch (5th Generation)
  • Icon size slightly increased for better readability on the lock screen.
  • The charging lightning bolt indicator no longer blinks, it is now static.

Lock Screen:

  • Charging the battery: rather than battery image on the lock screen, x% charged briefly appears under the clock, then reverts to the date.
  • Access Notification Center, Control Center, Music Control, Passcode.
  • When playing music, the lock screen will now display the time.
  • iPad has Camera control on the Lock screen, like the previous version in iPhone/iPod Touch.
  • Timer counting down is shown when the device is locked.


  • New first-time setup menus.
  • Boot up no longer shows spinning wheel.
  • Add Passcode Lock during Setup Assistant (added in Beta 2.).
  • Vimeo and Flickr social network integrations.
  • Italian, Korean, and Dutch dictionaries.
  • New fade animation when pressing the power button (time background and status bar).
  • New Tamil keyboard.
  • New ringtones and system sounds.
  • User is warned when plugging their iOS device into their Mac/PC, “Trust the currently connected computer? Trusting this computer will allow it to have full access to your device and all of its data.”
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