Watch Jony Ive introduce iOS 7 [Video]

BY Rounak Jain

Published 10 Jun 2013


Apple has posted a couple of new videos on its website. The first one is an introduction video to iOS 7, featuring Apple’s SVP of design, Jony Ive talking about the redesigned user interface and new features. The second one is an ad for Apple’s “Designed by Apple” campaign, that was also shown during the WWDC keynote earlier today.

The intro to iOS 7 video, starts with Jony Ive sharing his thoughts on design as a prelude to the massive visual revamp of iOS. It then shows various screenshots of iOS 7 running showing the redesign, with Ive giving a voiceover in the background, explaining the design decisions Apple took.

The “Designed by Apple” ad features a voice over from actor Ben Affleck, talking about Apple’s design philosophies, its focus, its willingness to say no to certain ideas, and more.

Note: The embed below is of low quality, we’ll update it as soon as it’s available on Apple’s YouTube channel. You can also watch them on Apple’s website here and here.