iOS 8 beta 3: Here’s what’s new

BY Jason

Published 7 Jul 2014

iOS 8 logo

Apple seeded beta 3 of iOS 8 earlier today to registered developers of its iOS developer program. Apple unveiled iOS 8 last month with a number of new features like Handoff, custom keyboards, widgets, interactive notifications etc. Here’s what’s new in iOS 8 beta 3.

  • Handoff: There’s a new toggle for Handoff in Settings > General. You can enable it to seamlessly switch between your iPhone, iPad and Mac without interrupting your work flow.


  • iCloud Drive: A new iCloud Drive welcome screen


  • App Analytics: A new opt-in screen to allow iOS to share crash data and other analytics information with developers


  • Wallpapers: New wallpapers added to iOS’ default wallpaper gallery



  • QuickType: New toggle to enable or disable QuickType, iOS 8’s new keyboard feature that suggests words based on the current context


  • When you tap and hold on the Globe icon or the additional keyboard icon like Emoji, you now get an option to enable or disable QuickType, in addition to the ability to switch the keyboard as you can see in the screenshot below. Thanks Frank for the tip!

iOS 8 Beta 3 - QuickType

  • Weather app: Minor tweaks to the Weather app’s design. Details at the bottom are now horizontally centred as opposed to the earlier design, where there were two columns.



  • Notification Center: The Clear button has a new design:


  • Find my iPhone: iOS 8 Beta 3 brings a new version of the Find my iPhone and Find my Friends app. Find My Friends now lets you move your friend list to an iCloud account.
  • Photos: Shared Photo Streams are now simply called Shared Albums. Additionally, items in Recently Deleted now have a label showing the number of days after which the photo gets permanently deleted.


  • Messages: There’s a new option in Messages to Automatically keep video and audio messages. By default, these messages are ephemeral in nature.


We’ll keep on updating this post as we find more changes. If you find anything new that hasn’t been mentioned here then please send us an email to [email protected] or post them in the comments below.

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