iOS 9 adoption reaches 70% just ten weeks after launch

BY Killian Bell

Published 2 Dec 2015

iOS 9 - Back to App

iOS 9 is now running on 70 percent of compatible devices just over two months after making its public debut. The update has increased its share by 4 percent over the last month alone, while iOS 8 and earlier versions of Apple’s platform have seen their share fall.

Apple announced just two weeks after iOS 9 was released to the public that the update was already running on 50 percent of compatible devices after an “incredibly positive” reception, and its share has been increasing at a decent rate ever since.

Just last month, iOS 9 had reached 66 percent of compatible iPhones, iPads, and iPod touches, and now it’s at 70 percent. Meanwhile, iOS 8’s share has dropped from 25 percent to 22 percent, while earlier versions have seen their share drop from 9 percent to 8 percent.


iOS 9 adoption had slowed somewhat around a month after launch, and that was blamed on early bugs and performance issues. But it was boosted again when Apple rolled out iOS 9.1 on October 21, with Live Photos improvements, lots of fixes, and most importantly, 150 new emoji.

Apple is already testing iOS 9.2 with registered developers and public testers ahead of its debut. The latest beta brings a whole host Safari improvements, including support for third-party Action Extensions — as well as NumberSync for AT&T customers.

Have you updated to iOS 9 yet? If not, why not?