iOS 9 Feature Preview: New keyboard features will change the way you type on your iPad

BY Kelly Hodgkins

Published 17 Jul 2015

iOS 9 logoBesides sweeping changes that affect all iOS devices, Apple’s iOS 9 also includes several features that are unique to the iPad. Subtle but useful, the new keyboard options make it easier than ever to type on the device. In the hands of the right user, these new features may even put the iPad on par with the MacBook Air as a portable typing solution

Onscreen Keyboard Shortcut Bar


The first thing you notice when you open the QuickType keyboard on the iPad in iOS 9 is the new shortcut toolbar at the top of the keys. The toolbar contains a variety of tools including an undo/redo option, a copy/paste selection and other functions that vary depending on the app that you are using.
For example, the Notes app keyboard has a checklist tool, a style selection tool as well as options to add a scribble or a photo to a note. In some apps, the copy/paste function is replaced by other tools and only available when text is selected.

Improved Text Selection

Selecting text when writing an iPad is much easier thanks to new gesture controls that allow you to select text with just a few taps. In iOS 9, you can place two fingers on the screen and move them to direct the cursor to the word or letter you want to edit. You then can tap on the text to select it and use the keyboard controls to edit or move it. The feature is also available on the iPhone.

Wireless Keyboard Shortcuts

Not everyone enjoys using the built-in keyboard, those who use a wireless Bluetooth keyboard will appreciate the new keyboard shortcuts in iOS 9. These key presses will let you perform functions such as accessing the task switcher or opening spotlight search without having to touch the screen. Similar to the Mac, external keyboards also will be able access additional options when you select Command, Option, or Control.

Coming in iOS 9

Apple is preparing to release iOS 9 publicly this fall. Are you excited by these new features? Are you planning to update to the next version of iOS when it is released? Share your thoughts about iOS 9 in the comments.

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