iPhone 7 Mod Adds 512GB of Storage Space To The Device

BY Rajesh Pandey

Published 3 Feb 2018

Apple has so far only released iPad Pros with 512GB of storage. But what if you need that much storage on your iPhone 7? Well, you take things into your own hands and install a 512GB NAND chip on your own on your handset.

The mod requires a special NAND chip that is available in China, though you can get it imported if you live in another part of the world. The steps are definitely not on the easy side and require one to remove the existing NAND storage chip and then solder the new 512GB storage chip in place of it. The whole process requires a lot of advanced soldering tools, a steady pair of hands, and nerves of steel. And it goes without saying that this will void the warranty of your iPhone 7.

If done properly, you will end up with a fully working iPhone 7 featuring 512GB of internal storage truly making it one of a kind. And what do you do when you have an iPhone 7 with 512GB of storage? Well, you take it to your nearest Apple Store nearby and show it off to the Apple employees working there. And what’s their reaction about it? Make a video about the whole thing and sell the phone on eBay.

Do you want an iPhone with 512GB of storage space? If yes, are you ready to do this mod yourself on your handset? Or wait until Apple gets around to launching one?