iPhone Rebooting Randomly Overnight after Jailbreaking? Here’s How to Fix It

BY Ali Hassan Mahdi

Published 13 Aug 2016


The release of Pangu jailbreak for iOS 9.3.3 was an exciting news for many, but it brought with itself a plethora of issues and bugs, most of which were already fixed by the team in subsequent releases. 

A common issue many jailbreak users are still facing is that their iPhone reboots randomly overnight, therefore requiring them to re-jailbreak every time it happens. For some, these random reboots happen everyday. The Pangu team hasn’t acknowledged this issue yet and we’re yet to see an update that fixes the problem.

Fortunately, a Cydia developer has released a new package that supposedly fixes this issue. To find out how to install this package on your jailbroken iOS device and fix the reboot issue, read the guide below.

Fix Jailbroken iPhone Rebooting Randomly during the Night

Step 1: Launch Cydia.

Step 2: Go to the Sources tab and tap on Edit -> Add.

Step 3: Enter the following URL: http://codyqx4.github.io/cydia . Then press Add.

Step 4: After the repo is added and Cydia refreshes, go to the Search tab and search for “iOS 9 Reboot Fix“.

Step 5: Open the package in Cydia and install it.

ios 9 reboot fix

After you’ve installed the fix, your iPhone should stop rebooting randomly during the night. Although there’s no guarantee that this fix will work for sure, many users have reported that the reboot issue disappears after installing the package.

If you install this package, make sure to let us know if it fixes the reboot issue on your side.