iPhone Hacks News and Rumors Roundup, 4th May – 10th May 2008

BY Jason

Published 11 May 2008

Checkout the weekly (4th May – 10th May 2008) news and rumors roundup on the iPhone from here at iPhone Hacks and also from around the web that did not make it here after the jump.

As you would see from the articles posted here at iPhone Hacks and around the web it has been a very busy last week on the iPhone news front.

Pre-release iPhone firmware 2.0 confirms 3G iPhone is coming soon

The pre-release version of iPhone firmware 2.0 included in the latest Apple iPhone SDK Beta 5 (Build 5a274D) which is currently available only to members of the iPhone developer program has revealed that Apple is planning to release the long awaited 3G iPhone soon probably as early as June just like the rumors have indicated.

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Lextech’s iPhone App to convert iPhone into a Surveillance Gadget

Lextech have given us a glimpse of their native iPhone application that they claim could change the way traditional surveillance systems are used.

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OrbLive – Watch live TV on your iPhone

Orb Networks has just released a native Orb client making it possible for you to watch live TV, Internet TV, and webcams on your iPhone or iPod Touch.

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Raging Thunder – Accelerometer Controlled Racing game for the iPhone

Folks at Polarbit are giving us a glimpse of their gut-churning, tire burning racing game called Raging Thunder for the iPhone by making the demo version available as a native iPhone application via the Installer.

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AT&T’s iPhone Plans to include free access to AT&T’s Wi-Fi Hotspots sometime in the future

The reports about AT&T offering free Wi-Fi access to iPhone users at many of their national Wi-Fi hotspots including Starbucks and Barnes & Noble locations and then found to be turned off were not just rumors.

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Installer App finally gets Search feature

The iPhone hacking community have just released a new version of the super cool Installer app or Installer.app.

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Apple iPhone SDK Beta 5 Released; included iPhone firmware 2.0 reveals “Push” preferences

Apple has released the new version (beta 5) of their iPhone SDK. The new beta build is called 5a274D.

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Vodafone gets to sell iPhone in 10 countries; Telecom Italia to sell in Italy as well; Apple changing strategy?

Vodafone announced today that they will be partnering with Apple to sell the most-hyped gadget ever created aka the iPhone in 10 countries.

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Pre-release iPhone firmware 2.0 reveals Chinese Handwriting Recognition Feature

Wretch.cc is reporting that Apple has included handwriting recognition for Chinese (Traditional and Simplified) in the pre-release version of Apple’s iPhone firmware 2.0 included in the latest Apple iPhone SDK Beta 4 (Build 5A258F) which is currently available only to members of the iPhone developer program.

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Remote Buddy streams iTunes Music, Video and Movies to your iPhone

Remote Buddy makes it possible to stream compatible iTunes media such as music, video and movies  on your computer directly to your iPhone.

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iPhone News & Rumors from around the web

More "leaked" 3G iPhone shots hit the web

For those that need to be in the know about the very latest supposedly-leaked 3G iPhone shots that hit the web this week, we’ve got you covered — but we’re not convinced, especially of the device on the right.

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iPhone is ‘unavailable’ in UK and US Apple stores; 3G release imminent?

As many of our intrepid readers have pointed out, iPhones are unavailable at the online Apple Store in both the US and the UK. As we mentioned earlier in the week, cell carrier and Apple retail stores on both continents are reportedly facing shortages as well.

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Rumor: .Mac relaunch to coincide with iPhone 2.0?

A little birdy told us about some unusual happenings at Apple. According to our anonymous tipster, .Mac will undergo a complete revamp that will coincide with the iPhone 2.0 launch (which everyone expects to occur at WWDC 08).

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Will iPhone Reignite Interest in Mobile Video?

There are enough signs that Apple’s iPhone, the fast-growing mobile device from the Cupertino-based consumer electronics and computing giant, will give the still-emerging business of mobile video a turbo boost.

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America Movil Secures iPhone Deal

The Apple iPhone deals are coming in thick and fast. Days after Vodafone announced a 10-country deal to carry the iPhone, and Telecom Italia said it too would sell the device in Italy, comes news that Mexico telecoms firm America Movil will bring the device to its Latin American operations later this year, which includes over a dozen countries.

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