iPhone Rumors: iPhone SDK, iPhone coming to Canada, Leapord and iPhone’s Notes application

BY Jason

Published 5 Oct 2007

As iPhone hackers are currently working hard to break into the now in-famous iPhone firmware 1.1.1 the rumor-mongers have taken centre stage. The latest from them is that Apple is looking to do some damage control caused by firmware 1.1.1 update and more importantly do not want to repeat what they did with Newton by working on an iPhone SDK (sounds interesting), they are also reporting that iPhone should be launched in Canada as early as mid-October and the latest speculation is that iPhone owners could get an option to sync for Notes to and from the iPhone with the Leopard launch.

Apple working on an iPhone SDK for approved and regulated third party applications:

Here are some of the details which have been made available on the iPhone SDK:

Apple is currently working with companies such as EA to develop an iPhone SDK and the firmware update is probably a step in that direction, first to stop unauthorized iPhone applications and then to only allow approved and regulated third party applications based on the SDK.

  • Apple is apparently trying to emulate T-Mobile’s SideKick application development strategy, and even goes on to add that Apple has brought in developers from SideKick’s Danger OS to help them out with this strategy.
  • Current iPod games will probably be the first iPhone applications to be blessed by Steve Jobs to be available on the iPhone.
  • In fact, development companies will also get an option to sell their iPhone applications at the Apple store much like the way iPod games are sold today on iTunes.

While all this will be positive instead of the complete lock down we are seeing currently; it would be good to see Apple coming out with an iPhone SDK that is available to everyone with iTunes being the market place for developers to sell their iPhone applications or even offer them for free as we have seen some really cool applications from the iPhone hacking community without any SDK.

iPhone coming to Canada in mid-October (finally):

It was surprising to see that Apple announced the launch dates for some of the countries in Europe like UK, Germany and France but not for Canada. Based on this rumor Apple seems to be working to get iPhone to Canada very soon in fact even before the Nov 9th launch dates in Europe, here are some of the points from the rumor mill:

  • Luxury retailer Holt Renfrew will be carrying Apple’s iPhone in Canada by mid-October.
  • The company will in fact be the sole iPhone carrier in Canada.
  • The 8GB phone will retail across the country for $799.

I would be surprised to see Apple go with the luxury retailer rather than Rogers as Rogers is currently the leading GSM network provider in Canada.

Leopard to Likely Add Sync for iPhone Notes

One of the problems with the current iPhone’s notes application is that you cannot sync to and from the iPhone, however this is apparently all set to changed based on the latest speculation. Here are some of the points leading up to the speculation:

  • An image captured from Mac OS 10.5 displays a dialogue which states "Changing the style or formatting requires that this note be converted to rich text format. Rich text notes may not be editable on iPhone and other devices."
  • So due to the similar look and feature set of the notes application in Leopard, it is speculated that Leopard would add a notes sync capability to the iPhone.
  • The capability will will be added via an iPhone software update after Leopard is released.

This would definitely be good news to iPhone owners, in fact it has been speculated that the reason for the current lull from Apple with regards to releasing applications for the iPhone has been due to Leopard. So, I guess all we can currently do is wait and watch or hope for the iPhone hacking geniuses to do what they are best at i.e. keep breaking into the subsequent firmware updates so we can use the unauthorized third-party iPhone applications.

Anyways, these are currently rumors so would advice you to take them with a pinch of salt.

As I was about to finish this article, bobthebuilder a reader @ iPhone Hacks has just commented that iPhone hackers "dinopio" and "Edgan" have brought 1.1.1 hacking have been able to gain access to the entire 1.1.1 file tree by using symbolic links before doing a 1.1.1 upgrade. Thanks bobthebuilder for the tip, you should definitely hear more on this from me soon.

[via iPhoneAlley]

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