iPhone Survives a Week Underwater in Brasilia Lake

BY Sriansh

Published 3 Mar 2023

iPhone under water

We have all heard stories about how the iPhone has become water-resistant and can survive underwater for a considerable amount of time. Yet, every time we hear such a story, it still intrigues us. This time, a student in Brazil was able to retrieve his iPhone after it had been submerged in a lake for a week.

The incident was reported by G1 (via MacMagazine). The student, Breno Rafael, was kayaking on Lake Paranoá when he saw a woman drowning in the water. He immediately jumped into the water to save the woman. However, when he brought the woman to the shore, he realized he had lost his iPhone.

He had no hope of finding the phone again. But a week later, diving instructor Edinho Rocha found an iPhone seven meters underwater in the same lake while on a night dive with his students. To his surprise, the phone was still working.

Rocha used the iPhone’s emergency menu to identify the owner and searched for him on social media. Breno Rafael saw the post about the found iPhone and went to Rocha to retrieve it. Breno Rafael unlocked the phone with his password, and to everyone’s surprise, the device was working as if nothing had happened.

The iPhone model that Rafael dropped into the lake was the iPhone 11. While the iPhone 11 can theoretically withstand up to 2 meters of depth for up to 30 minutes, thanks to IP68 certification, it remained submerged in water for a week. Thankfully, the iPhone still works perfectly.

Source: G1 | Via: MacMagazine