Top iPhone news & rumors from the 4th week of May

BY Jason

Published 28 May 2007

As we are getting closer to the iPhone launch, the iPhone news and rumors only seem to get louder.

In the third week of May, we had rumors about AT&T CEO giving away the first iPhone pre-launch in a low-key event based on a video footage, an internal AT&T memo revealing critical information about the iPhone, then of course probably the unforgettable event of a fake internal memo claiming "iPhone to be delayed" sending Apple stock plunging, news of Apple getting FCC approval and also news that the iPhone will be available exclusively at 2000 Apple & AT&T retail stores on launch.

I had written in one of my posts that the 3rd week of May was probably the week of iPhone rumors since its announcement in January. However, the 4th week was even more eventful with a lot of news and rumors on the Apple iPhone.

Excerpts of all the news and rumors from the 4th week of May (21st to 27th May), 2007 after the jump.

AT&T eager to wield its iWeapon

The Apple iPhone, due out next month, has been breathlessly hailed
as offering consumers the ultimate wireless experience. It also
could give AT&T, its exclusive U.S. distributor, the ultimate
experience for a wireless carrier: an easy way to handcuff rivals and
steal customers.

Apple iPhone on AT&T for five years?

USA Today reports the supposed half-decade deal precludes Apple from developing a CDMA handset in that time (duh), meaning that if you live in the US and don’t want to move to AT&T, it’s going to be 2012 before you even have a chance at an iPhone.

Apple iPhone to be available for prepaid users

One thing we know about the Apple iPhone launch, is that we don’t
really know much.  Today we received a few screen shots that shed some
light on one of the major questions regarding the sales of the iPhone who will be eligible to buy this new dream gadget?

iPhone release on June 20th?

According to CNBC, the iPhone will be "in stores" on that date. Apple’s
iPhone had been officially targeted for "late June". iPhone
sales/support training runs from May 30th – June 20th, giving more credibility to the June 20th date.

Apple Rises After IPhone Media Report

Apple Shares rise following media report that iPhone will be launched June 20 – New York (AP) — Shares of Apple Inc. rose Friday
after a media report stated the company’s much-anticipated iPhone will
be released June 20.

iPhone Used to Browse

It looks like someone at Apple has started more openly testing the
Apple iPhone across web sites, including One reader
tipped us off that they had come across iPhone browser identification
strings in the Apache logs of their eBay images.

The First Video Taken From the iPhone Camera?

Not sure how real this is, but so far, everything I know about this
video seems legit. I received an email from an Apple Store employee in
California (I will not list the name here) who claims to have taken
this video in his store using the iPhone. As you will see in the video,
you can see the iPhone in the iMac screen (picked up by the iSight).

Is this the iPhone in the wild?

Cameraphones have never been known to snap the best photos (except for you, dear N95), and the purported ‘in the wild’ shot of Apple’s impending iPhone that you see above is ‘clearly’ no different. Supposedly captured by an editor of the Geeknuz blog at a Silicon Valley restaurant, the pic is said to show an Apple employee dinging around with his unreleased handset.

The iPhone Gets Cloned Again

Remember that Michael Keaton movie where he clones himself, but
every time he makes a new one the clones get dumber and dumber? Well,
these iPhone clones are kind of like that. The newest Chinese duplicate
of Apple’s prize phone is called the P168.

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