iPhone Roundup from last week | iPhone Release date, Third party app, Google apps and lots more

BY Jason

Published 4 Jun 2007

I am back to recap all the news, rumors and speculations about the iPhone in the last one week (May 28th to June 3rd, 2007). The good thing about last week was that we did get some iPhone news rather than just iPhone rumors; especially the news about the release date of the iPhone yesterday which was confirmed by Ads available on Apple’s website that the iPhone will be launched on June 29th.

All this is only building more expectations for what some have called  “the God machine” and its safe to say that the iPhone hysteria is beginning to reach levels usually reserved for video-game machines at Christmas. If May’s craze was "American Idol" then June’s will be the Apple iPhone, which I can already sense is inevitable.

Excerpts of all the news and rumors from last week after the jump.

Apple & AT&T Ad confirms iPhone "Coming June 29th"

The release date of the iPhone has finally been confirmed, Apple and AT&T advertised tonight on television that the iPhone will be available starting on June 29th, 2007. Though the ad was first available as a YouTube video, Apple has now posted three iPhone ads on their website.

iPhone release date: June 29th?

Take this one with a grain of salt, but we have it from a source
that works in television who tells us that Apple’s next round of iPhone
commercials (three different spots) have been submitted for airtime,
and at least one prominently features the magic number: release date on
June 29th.

Bevy of upcoming iPhone accessories revealed

iPhone owners might be putting their treasured handsets into accessory detectin’ mode right out of the gate thanks to a plethora of accessories outed in iLounge’s iPod accessory guide, which at well over one hundred pages is pretty much the be-all, end-all bible of iPod add-ons.

Apple patent app details ‘accessory detector’ for mobile handset

Just days after hearing that Steve Jobs was indeed looking into the possibility of letting third party applications play nice with his precious iPhone, along comes a suitable patent application that further proves his hesitance to let it happen.

iPhone to get third party apps

Just in case you missed Walt Mossberg’s sitdown with Steve Jobs earlier today, but in the open Q&A his Jobsness was asked point blank about the openness of the iPhone, and whether users can expect their $600 cellphone to be able to add on third party apps. His reply?

"All Things Digital" conference: Steve Jobs evangelizes the iPhone

Apple CEO Steve Jobs and Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates are scheduled to make a rare joint appearance anytime now at The Wall Street Journal’s D5: All Things Digital conference. But before that co-producer Walt Mossberg had an interesting Q&A session with Steve Jobs, I guess the part we were all eagerly waiting for, i.e. to hear some key iPhone announcements.

Will Microsoft pit ‘Milan’ multi-touch against Apple’s iPhone?

It’s show time for Microsoft’s "Milan" multi-touch and gestural interface technology.  And I wouldn’t be surprised if Microsoft decides to make this week’s Wall Street Journal tech conference the debutante ball.

iPhone rumors | More memory, user replaceable battery and lots more

As we are getting closer to Apple’s iPhone release, speculations about it only seem to be increasing. Folks at Vim3 weblog seem to have go hold of some interesting bit of details on some iPhone features which hasn’t been revealed by Apple so far.

Leading the charge on iPhone

Brace yourself for another tsunami of hype. May’s craze was "American Idol."  June’s will be the Apple iPhone, which is going on sale in a few weeks. As with "Idol," the iPhone show has lots of Seattle connections. The season begins Wednesday …

Quanta wins order for 2nd iPhone?

Ready for some good ol’ rumor and speculation related to the iPhone? Sure, after all, we’re still a few weeks away from the most optimistic of launch dates. Well, try this one on. A second iPhone manufacturer has been added to the mix. Namely, Apple fave Quanta Computer are rumored to be joining Foxconn (Hon Hai) in the development of the uber phone after winning the contract to deliver 5 million units starting in September.

Google cooking up more apps for the iPhone and other details

So The Seattle Times got a sit down with the rather guarded Glenn Lurie, AT&T’s man on the ground for the iPhone. While he didn’t give much up in the way of the phone’s finer details, he did have one takeaway that left us interested. When asked about the mass skepticism over the iPhone’s price, he replied "…

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