iWatch Concept imagines Maps UI

BY Rounak Jain

Published 25 May 2013

A new concept render by designer Martin Hajek gives us a glimpse of how the Maps app might look like on Apple’s much-rumored smartwatch. Hajek sees the smartwatch, dubbed “iWatch,” as a companion to the iPhone, reflected in his renders of the iWatch.

The watch sports an edge-to-edge display that is showing directions to a location. The maps interface hasn’t been ported to the iWatch, but instead displays only the relevant information such as a turn coming up in x meters. While a Maps app may not be the best use case for a smartwatch while driving, it gives a good idea of how the smartwatch could become a second screen for devices like the iPhone and could be quite useful while walking or jogging.

Communication could very easily be done between the two devices using the new low energy Bluetooth standard the iPhone already supports.

Here are the renders:

iwatch-maps-2 iwatch-maps-1

The watch itself has a curved metal body and a leather strap, which is engraved with an Apple logo. There’s also a front facing camera, a button that most likely is for sleep/awake, and what seems to be a microphone or a very tiny home button.

Head over to Martin Hajek’s website for more images.

Tell us what you think about the iWatch as well as the companion maps interface in the comments below.