Leaked audio recording suggests Geohot tried to sell iOS jailbreak

BY Kelly Hodgkins

Published 22 Dec 2013


The controversy surrounding the iOS 7 jailbreak continues with the appearance of an audio recording allegedly of Geohot trying to sell his iOS7 jailbreak. The audio was first mentioned in a reddit post and reported by iClarified.The full recording is available at the bottom of this post. According to the recording, Geohot was going to get $350,000 for the exploits he was offering up for sale. A twitter account supposedly belonging to Geohot said that the “sale was never going to happen” and congratulated the evad3rs on their win.



According to the evad3rs, they released their jailbreak quickly and without Saruik’s input because another group was close to releasing their own jailbreak tool. The evad3rs didn’t identify this other group, but the team did say Saurik was working with a group that was about to release a jailbreak ahead of them. We don’t know if this other group involved Geohot or not, but it may have as there are not a lot of people with the skills needed to develop an iOS 7 jailbreak.

Saurik also didn’t mention Geohot, but he did confirm on Twitter that he knew about the problems with Chinese app store Taig and that he was helping another group to release a “non-piracy-laden” jailbreak.

With all this controversy, are you going to install the iOS 7 jailbreak now or will wait until all the details finally emerge and the dust settles?

Audio recording allegedly of Geohot: