How to Let Guests Connect to Your Wi-Fi Network Using a QR Code (Without Sharing Your Password)

BY Khamosh Pathak

Published 3 Feb 2018

Share Wi-Fi Password QR Code Featured

iOS 11 already has a feature that lets you share your Wi-Fi network’s password with your friends without actually revealing the passcode. But even to use that feature, you have to manually authorize it each time and there’s a bit of song and dance process involved to get it working just right. What if you want your friends to connect to your Wi-Fi network securely, without the need for a password and where they don’t bug you about it? Simple, get a QR Code.

iOS 11 comes with QR scanning feature built-in. So all they’d have to do is point their iPhone camera to the QR Code, tap on the notification, confirm and they’ll be connected. On Android, they can use an app like Barcode Scanner.

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How to Create QR Code for Your Wi-Fi Network

First, you’ll need to create a QR Code for your Wi-Fi network. The QiFi website makes this really easy.

QiFi Website 2

Just go to the site, fill in your SSID, security type, your Wi-Fi password and then press the Generate button. Your QR code will be generated right there.

QiFi Website 1

Then click on the Export button to save the QR code as a PNG. Now you can print it out and hang it next to your door.

How To Connect Using QR Code on iOS 11

If your friends are running iOS 11 on their iPhones (as they should be), just ask them to open the Camera app on their iPhone and point the camera to the QR code.

They’ll see a banner notification that says “Wi-Fi QR CODE” on the top and will ask if you want to join the network. When they tap on the notification, they’ll see the Join Network button. After tapping that, they’ll have to confirm once again by tapping on Join from the next alert box. After that, their iPhone or iPad will be connected to your network.

How Do You Manage Your Network?

Do you use a mesh network system at your home? Do you use a firewall or VPN of any kind? Share with us in the comments below.