Meet Sonny Dickson, Apple leak extraordinaire

BY Kelly Hodgkins

Published 3 Sep 2013


Anyone who has spent time following the rumor trail of the iPhone 5C and the 5S is familiar with Sonny Dickson. He’s been the source of most leaked iPhone parts this summer, including the recent iPhone 5S champagne casing. While we know him through his website and online persona, Fortune reporter Philip Elmer-DeWitt tracked down Dickson at his home and exposed some of the details about the person behind the leaks.

Dickson, it turns out, is a teenager living in a neighborhood that surrounds Melbourne, Australia. Most of his sources are working for Apple in China, and he has met them by chatting on Sina Weibo and via tips sent into his website.

According to Elmer-DeWitt, Dickson pays his Asian sources for their parts and then he posts them on his site or his YouTube channel. He was hesitant to discuss money with the Fortune reporter, but confirmed that he once paid $250 for the plastic back of an iPhone 5C.

You can read more about Sonny Dickson and his life as an iPhone parts purveyor at Fortune’s website.

[Via Fortune]