Apple details new iOS 7 features for Business and Enterprise users

BY Jason

Published 26 Jun 2013


Apple has quietly launched a new webpage to tout the new features in iOS 7 for Business and Enterprise users.

When Apple unveiled iOS 7 at the WWDC Keynote, we were a little surprised that Apple did not highlight any of the new features for business users.

Apple says that iOS 7 offers “more advanced ways to deploy devices and deliver a great user experience.” It then goes on to highlight some of the major new features iOS 7 for business such as:

Managed Open In:

Administrators will be able to restrict apps that can open work documents and attachments to protect corporate data.

Per App VPN:

VPNs used within organizations allow you to communicate private information securely over a non-private network. So for example: you can configure VPN for your office network to access your work email etc.

iOS 7 extends this functionality and brings support for per app VPN. This means different apps can connect to different VPNs. This feature can be used by administrators to ensure that data transmitted by managed apps travels through VPN.

Third-party Data Protection

You may not be aware but you enable data protection when you configure a passcode for your device. Data protection enhances the built-in hardware encryption by protecting the hardware encryption keys with your passcode. It provides an additional layer of protection for your email messages and attachments. Currently, third-party apps have to add support for the feature to protect application data. Under the iOS 7 and Business section on the iOS 7 features webpage, Apple says that iOS 7 will bring default data protection for third-party apps.

Enterprise Single Sign on

With iOS 7’s Enterprise Single Sign on (SSO) feature, business users will be have to login only once  across apps, including apps from the App Store.

Apple has also highlighted other features such as Caching server 2 that caches purchased content and software updates on a local Mac running OS X Mavericks Server, new mail features such as like the ability to add and reorganize smart mailboxes in the mailbox list and view PDF annotations, new MDM configurations options, streamlined MDM enrollment and improvements to its App Store Volume Purchase Program.

While Apple has made in roads in the business market over the last few years, iOS 7 seems to be first software update where Apple seems to be making an attempt to embrace business and enterprise users.

If you’re an administrator or a business user then we would love to find out what you think of these new iOS 7 features.

Via: Apple