Report: Apple to Launch AirPods 3, AirPods Pro 2 Next Year

BY Rajesh Pandey

Published 26 Oct 2020

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Apple is reportedly planning on launching new AirPods and AirPods Pro models next year.

The Bloomberg report claims that Apple will launch the third-gen. AirPods and the second-generation AirPods Pro in 2021. Both new AirPods will feature a new wireless chip from Apple as well that should help with lower latency and offer longer battery life.

The new AirPods will feature a design similar to the existing AirPods Pro that will allow them to offer better grip and passive noise isolation. They will also feature a shorter stem and replaceable ear tips. Additionally, Apple is also looking into ways to increase the battery life of this model.

For the second-gen AirPods Pro, Apple is looking to make the earbuds more compact by getting rid of the stem completely. One of the designs being tested by the company internally has a rounded shape similar to Samsung’s Galaxy Buds and Google Pixel Buds. However, the company is running into issues while trying to fit in the required components for active noise cancellation, microphones, and wireless antennas in a limited amount of space.

Apart from these two wireless earbuds, Apple is also working on a new HomePod that will sit between the HomePod mini and the original HomePod. It is unclear if the company will go ahead with its plans to launch this new HomePod or not.

Apple could possibly unveil the new AirPods in March next year. The company should also launch its over-ear headphones with the new AirPods. The wireless headphones were supposed to launch this year but the launch was pushed back after issues with its headband were discovered. The updated version under development will no longer feature a replaceable headband.

Our Take

It will be interesting to see what other improvements Apple is able to introduce with the second-gen. AirPods Pro. The original AirPods were known for their sound quality and ANC, though the competition has managed to catch up to Apple now. As for the third-gen AirPods, they do seem like a major upgrade in design and fit which should lead to them offering a better user experience.

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