Saurik releases AFC2 package giving iOS 7.1.x jailbreakers full filesystem access over USB

BY Gautam Prabhu

Published 26 Jun 2014

AFC2 - Apple File Conduit "2"

A number of users have been able to successfully jailbreak their iOS device using the Pangu jailbreak released earlier this week. However, one of the issues observed by some jailbreakers was that, despite jailbreaking their device using Pangu, they didn’t have full filesystem access, so they haven’t been able to use popular tools like iFunBox etc.

Jay Freeman aka saurik, the founder of Cydia yesterday released a tweak called Apple File Conduit “2” or AFC2, which addresses that issue and gives users with jailbroken iOS device full filesystem access, which is the core idea behind jailbreaking your device. As always, saurik has provided detailed explanation of why he has released the package.

This a replacement for packages such as afc2add, and I think it is compatible with all iOS versions (including 7.1.x!).

AFC stands for “Apple File Conduit”, and is how computer applications such as iTunes and iPhoto can read and write files from your device over USB.

AFC is “jailed”, and only allows access to “media” (such as photos, music, and data for apps from the App Store).

This package creates a new service, “AFC2”, with full filesystem access.

If you use a USB device management tool, it might need AFC2 to fully work.

The modern jailbreaks don’t install AFC2 by default due to security concerns, but saurik points out this package is a lot more secure.

Some AFC2 setups, in particular many that were installed by default with older jailbreaks (such as evasi0n for iOS 6) set a flag that allows this access to not require a “trusted” USB connection :/.

Installing this package will correct that mistake, and is thereby more secure than the “stock” from-jailbreak AFC2 configuration you may be using now.

It looks like the simple method that was used previously for AFC2 has stopped working in iOS 7.1. There have been questions raised about the legality of the some of the alternate AFC2 packages that have been released for iOS 7.1, as they were redistributing software from Apple. Saurik’s AFC2 package avoids this problem by downloading the files as needed.

So if you’re looking for full filesystem access on your Pangu jailbroken device then install Apple File Conduit “2” from Cydia, and let me know it goes. It is compatible with all iOS versions including iOS 7.1/iOS 7.1.1.

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