Short Video Shows iOS 11’s Drag and Drop Feature in Action in Safari

BY Rajesh Pandey

Published 9 Jun 2017

iOS 11 wide featured

With iOS 11, Apple gave the OS its biggest ever refresh for the iPad. Among the key new features for iPad is the new drag and drop feature which allows one drag and drop almost any content from one app to any app and across anywhere in the OS.

Now, a video from developer Steve T-S shows the different ways and scenarios one can use drag and drop on Safari on the iPad running iOS 11.

The short video above shows how one can drag one link from Safari to the side of the screen to open it in Split View mode. Similarly, one can also drag and drop a link to the tab bar in the browser to open it in a new tab.

Almost any UI interaction in Safari in iOS 11 works with drag and drop. One can also drag and drop links from within an article in Safari to the Bookmarks bar or drag it to the Reading list. And if you want to download a file from Safari, open the Files app from the Dock and drag that page from the browser to the relevant folder inside the Files app.

The redesigned multitasking pane in iOS 11 on the iPad is also live in nature. So, if you bring up the new App Switcher while playing a video, the card of the video player will continue playing the said video, and not pause it as it happens currently.

On the flip side, one disadvantage of the new App Switcher UI is that closing apps take longer. Instead of swiping up on the card of an app, one now needs to long press the card of a said app and then tap the close button to close the app.

As mentioned above, Drag and Drop on iOS 11 on the iPad works anywhere across the OS. It also supports multi-touch, so you can open multiple apps and drag content from all of them into one app if you wish to.