Top 25 Widgets for iOS 10

BY Khamosh Pathak

Published 9 Oct 2016


With iOS 10, widgets have their own dedicated space. They can be designed to look more like apps and they have better capabilities – including a compact and expanded state. Now that widgets are everywhere – the Lock screen, the Home screen, Notification Center and even in Quick Actions when you 3D Touch an app icon, it’s no surprise that developers are taking this opportunity to create quick ways to interact with apps or to view information.

So far, these are the best iOS 10 widgets we’ve found. They really help up reduce the time we spend on our phones, navigating around.

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1. Launcher


Even though you can’t use Launcher to directly jump into parts of the Settings app anymore, it’s still a great app and task launcher. You can customize it with a lot of different apps and services, or just use it to launch apps or call people.

Download: Launcher

2. WhatsApp


I wasn’t expecting this but WhatsApp is becoming one of my most used widgets in the Today view. If you use WhatsApp as much as I do, this widget will be helpful for directly jumping into one of the 4 or 8 recent chats.

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Download: WhatsApp

3. PCalc


PCalc is the calculator app for nerds. And their iOS 10 widget now works in both compact and expanded mode. The compact mode puts the entire keypad in just two lines. It’s small but it works. The expanded version shows you the full keypad. PCal costs $9.99. But if you don’t want premium customisation features, you can use the free version – PCalc Lite, that still supports the widget.

Download: PCalc ($9.99)



ESPN’s iOS 10 widget is one of the best I’ve seen so far. Once you’ve added your favorite teams and leagues in the app, you’ll see the scores for current and recent matches right there. The compact state only shows details for one match though.

Download: ESPN

5. Yelp


Yelp’s widget is very simple. It gives you shortcuts to quickly jump to viewing nearby restaurants and other hotspots.

Download: Yelp

6. Wikipedia


Wikipedia has two new widgets for iOS 10. One lets you quickly jump into what you were reading before. Another one talks about the best reads of the day.

Download: Wikipedia

7. Shazam


There’s still no better way to identify what’s playing than to Shazam it. And while you could just ask Siri, it hardly ever works for me. It’s much more reliable to swipe to the right on the Home screen and tap the scan button in the Shazam widget.

Download: Shazam

8. Musixmatch


Apple Music now has lyrics support. Yes. But I still use Musixmatch mostly because of the widget. The new iOS 10 widget shows you the current line in the compact mode. In expanded more you get a line above and below as well.

Download: Musixmatch

9. Fantastical 2


Fantastical is one of the best calendar apps out there. And their new iOS 10 widget proves that. The expanded state shows you the calendar. It’s bright and easily readable, thanks to the dark fonts. The compact state shows you your next meeting.

Download: Fantastical 2 ($4.99)

10. Dark Sky

dark sky widget

When it comes to accurate weather forecasting, down to your specific area, it’s hard to beat Dark Sky. The app itself is very feature rich. The widget’s compact state gives you the current weather in big letters and the condition. The expanded view gives you lot more details.

Download: Dark Sky ($3.99)

11. Carrot Weather


Carrot Weather gives you the weather update, but with a bit of attitude. The comments are usually funny. And you’ll get that in the widget itself. What’s cool is that you get 4 customisable slots.

Download: Carrot Weather ($3.99)

12. Day One


Day One has multiple widgets for iOS 10. You’ll be able to see photos you took in this day, from the past, quickly check in or see usage stats.

Download: Day One ($4.99)

13. Workflow


Workflow’s widget is a great way to execute automation tasks without even opening your iPhone. It use it to log my weight and doing that using the new widget is crazy fast.

Download: Workflow ($4.99)

14. Todoist


Todoist’s widget is pretty simple. It’s a list of all your tasks from your Inbox. You can check stuff off, from right there.

Download: Todoist

15. Trello


I really like using Trello’s new widget’s expanded mode to quickly jump into one of my most recently used Trello boards. You can also use it to quickly add a card or a photo.

Download: Trello

16. Copied


iOS 10 and Sierra’s Universal Clipboard feature is pretty good, but also pretty basic. If you want pro features and more control, you’re going to want Copied. And their new iOS 10 widget shows you the current clipboard, past entries and more right on the Lock screen.

Download: Copied

17. Drafts


Draft’s new widget lets you quickly take a note, or start a dictation. But the best part is when you expand the widget, you’ll see 8 of your most recent entries right there. Very handy.

Download: Drafts ($4.99)

18. Nuzzel


Nuzzle’s widget is a great way to see the most popular articles your Twitter timeline is sharing.

Download: Nuzzel

19. Cheatsheet


If you want to create notes or lists and put them permanently on the Today view in the Lock screen, Cheatsheet is one of the best ways to do it. It also supports icons for list items to make it better, visually.

Download: Cheatsheet

20. Widget Calendar


My favorite widgets app in iOS 9 – Wdgts, hasn’t been updated for iOS 10 yet. So I went looking for a simple, standalone calendar widget. Widget Calendar for $0.99 is one of the better ones I found. It supports both Calendar and Reminders app. You can customize both the week and time layout.

Download: Widget Calendar ($0.99)

21. DataMan Next


DataMan Next has always been one of the best ways to monitor exactly how much 4G data you use, along with monitoring other network details. Their iOS 10 update has 2 different widgets. They look great and they give you different information. I personally like the big data usage widget and one for monitoring data usage in a particular session.

Download: DataMan Next ($0.99)

22. Pedometer++


Hands down, the simplest app for viewing just how many steps you took that day is Pedometer++. And the newly updated widget for iOS 10 has really nice, red typography and it looks great.

Download: Pedometer++

23. Favorites

ios 10 favorites widgets

Apple’s own Favorites widget is a great way to quickly call, iMessage or FaceTime your favorite contacts.

24. Notes

ios 10 notes widgets

I also like the default Notes widget. It’s really useful to open the most recent notes.

25. Music


Apple Music only displays album art for the songs, albums or playlists you played most recently. There’s on controls or anything. But one reason why I love this widget is that once you tap on any song or playlist from the widget, it starts playing right away. No need to go to the app.

Your Favorite Widgets?

What did we miss out? Share your favorite widgets for iOS 10 in the comments below.