How To Unsubscribe From Newsletters in iOS 10 Mail App

BY Khamosh Pathak

Published 29 Aug 2016

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The new Mail app in iOS 10 makes it really easy to unsubscribe from mailing lists. Usually, getting rid of a newsletter is nothing short of performing an ancient rain dance ritual (sigh, LinkedIn). So many hoops to jump, so many pop ups to dodge. But the new Mail app makes it as easy as hitting one button. Here’s how you can easily unsubscribe from newsletters in the new Mail app.

Step 1: Open Mail App

From the Home screen on your iPhone or iPad, find and open the “Mail” app.

Step 2: Find The Newsletter In Question

From your iPhone, select the inbox which lists all the email and then select the message which is a newsletter. The one you want to unsubscribe from. If you’re using an iPad, you’ll do that from the left side of the screen.

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Once you find the newsletter, tap it to open it.

Step 3: Hit The Unsubscribe Button

You’ll now see a section on the top that says “This message is from a mailing list”. And just below you’ll see a blue “Unsubscribe” button. Tap it and from the popup, confirm that you want to Unsubscribe.

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And that’s it. The Mail app will take care of the rest.

Third Party Solutions

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If you want to do a bit more, you can convert all your newsletters into a magazine or use an app that’s just for email newsletters – like mlist. We’ve written about such apps here.

If you want a quick way to unsubscribe to multiple newsletters at the same time, look into the app.

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