Use SmartPass to Avoid the Passcode Screen on your iPhone [Jailbreak Tweak]

BY Akshay Masand

Published 12 Jan 2016


Generally speaking, passcodes are security mechanisms put into place to prevent unauthorized individuals to gain access to a device. The majority of the time, the feature is a welcomed one but every so often it can become tedious, particularly if you’re in your comfort zone and you don’t want to repeatedly put in a passcode or alternatively wait for the TouchID.

Enter SmartPass (version 1.0.1) created by CP Digital Darkroom. This $1.00 jailbreak tweak makes this first world problem a bit easier to deal with. The tweak removes the passcode entry requirement in a variety of situations that you can configure. This means that you can possibly add WiFi networks and Bluetooth devices to what would act as a “whitelist” to have your device unlock without a password when they are connected.

One thing that should be clarified for all people prior to downloading and using the tweak is that you’ll still be prompted to swipe in these scenarios. It works similar to as if you didn’t have a passcode enabled in the first place with the exception of the fact that you will outside of your whitelisted parameters.

The functionality of the tweak can be seen as two-fold. Some scoff at the thought of this type of functionality while others see it as a welcomed addition to their tweak arsenal. If you feel that the jailbreak tweak might be familiar or that it’s functionality is something you’ve seen before, you’re right! This jailbreak tweak functions very similarly to an old favorite called CleverPin, which hasn’t been updated for iOS 9. Those of you interested in purchasing the tweak can do so via Cydia for $1.00.

Which category do you fall under? Do you think you’ll be getting this tweak or are you going to pass?