Video Shows Multitasking Working On Jailbroken iPhone 3G Running iPhone OS 4

BY Jason

Published 14 Apr 2010

iPhone OS 4.0 features

The iPhone OS 4 preview page on Apple’s websites states that not all features are compatible with all iDevices and points out that the multitasking feature won’t be available for iPhone 3G and the second-generation iPod touch users.

Steve Jobs had also clarified in the Q&A session during the iPhone OS 4 special event that Multitasking won't be available on iPhone 3G as the hardware just couldn’t support it.

But you might remember that we had reported that a developer had figured out that modifying the N82AP.plist could enable the multitasking feature even for iPhone 3G users.

BoyGeniusReport has discovered a YouTube video, which shows the multitasking feature working on an jailbroken iPhone 3G running iPhone OS 4 beta.

Apple’s decision to disable the multitasking feature for iPhone 3G users has been hotly debated since the iPhone OS 4 special event.

It's speculated that enabling multitasking on the iPhone 3G would make it sluggish as it only has 128MB RAM, which is half the RAM available in iPhone 3GS

Apple is in a no-win situation on this one. iPhone 3G users are unhappy that one of the major features in iPhone OS 4.0 is not available to them but if it had enabled this feature for iPhone 3G, Apple would get criticized and receive complaints for the sluggish performance.

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