Selected 16-inch MacBook Pro Owners Facing MagSafe Charging Issues

BY Rajesh Pandey

Published 30 Nov 2021

MacBook Pro 16-inch Mini-LED display

Apple’s M1 Pro/Max MacBook Pros set a new benchmark in terms of power and efficiency. They also bring back some useful features present in previous-generation MacBooks, like the MagSafe charging port, HDMI port, and more. Every new Apple product tends to have some issues, and the new MacBook Pros are no different. Multiple M1 Pro/Max MacBook users report that their machine refuses to charge when shut down properly.

Users report that the LED on the MagSafe charging cable continuously turns on/off, with the MacBook not charging correctly. Reaching out to Apple Support has been of little help, as the suggested troubleshooting steps only resolved the issue temporarily. Apple has acknowledged the problem and recommends users charge their MacBook while in sleep mode or with the lid open. Another option is to attach the MagSafe cable before shutting down the machine. The issue only seems to occur when a user tries to charge their MacBook after shutting it down.

In some cases, Apple technicians got users to run some diagnostics and eventually replaced their entire machine. The issue is likely related to the firmware on the new MacBook Pros. Apple seems to be diagnosing the cause behind the problem, after which it should roll out an update to fix it. The problem also only seems to affect a limited number of 16-inch MacBook Pro users.

There are several other lingering bugs in macOS Big Sur, including memory leaks that Apple should address sooner than later.

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