AMD VP Admits Apple M1’s Battery and Power Efficiency Improvements Are Notable Innovations

BY Sanuj Bhatia

Published 4 Aug 2021

M1 Chip

AMD’s VP of Product Management and Marketing, David McAfee, has praised Apple’s first-generation custom silicon M1 chip in a new interview. Though despite praising the M1 chip, McAfee has claimed that AMD has “got a very competitive roadmap against what Apple is doing” and it won’t change its strategy “dramatically.”

David McAfee, in a new interview with The Indian Express, has commended Apple’s efforts in the processor department. He’s said that Apple has taken a “different approach to design a chip. Their approach is something that has strong, single-threaded CPU performance that is right there with the Zen 3 series processor.”

“I would say the biggest innovation Apple has brought into the ecosystem is the battery life and power efficiency that comes from the heritage of the mobile handset space and kind of taking it into the PC space from a mobile handset design methodology”

Apple introduced its first-ever custom silicon last year with the launch of the M1 MacBook and Mac mini. The chip has since impressed people around the world, so much so that even Qualcomm’s CEO lauded it once. However, it doesn’t mean that AMD will change its strategy.

“AMD is leading in performance, in power efficiencies, and in manufacturing process technology. We can continue to do those things in spite of whatever moves that Intel or Apple might make…we will end up being in a very strong competitive position.”

Apple is set to announce its new MacBook Pro and Mac mini with a new M1X chip later this year, according to a few reports. The chip is expected to be better than the first-generation Apple M1 in both performance and battery efficiency.

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