Craig Federighi: Apple Beta Program Lacks Interaction Users Want

BY Sriansh

Published 15 Nov 2022

iPhone 14 Pro iOS 16.1

Craig Federighi, Apple’s senior vice president of software engineering, has admitted that the company’s iOS, macOS, iPadOS, watchOS, and tvOS beta programs lack effective interaction.

In an email with a user named Kieran, Federighi admitted to the fact that Apple’s beta programs aren’t as effective as the company would like them to be. He said that “literally millions of people participate in our betas, and many, many, many of them want to provide feedback to help influence Apple’s products.” 

However, he agreed “that the current approach isn’t giving many in the community what they’d like in terms of interaction and influence. We haven’t yet figured out how to achieve that in a practical and constructive way. We’ll keep thinking,” he wrote.

Apple regularly releases early versions of its next-generation operating systems to both public beta testers and developers. When the user installs a beta OS, an app called Feedback Assistant is automatically installed on their device. Users can submit the bugs they face and their suggestions through this app. However, it is not very interactive, and many users face issues while reporting bugs through it. 

However, Apple has historically only fixed bugs after widespread criticism and coverage, and it often fails to respond to beta users’ feedback. The company could now look to change how it addresses the bugs after Federighi’s recent comments.

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Via: MacRumors