Apple Considering Shift in iPad Production to India

BY Sriansh

Published 6 Dec 2022

Apple is reportedly looking into the possibility of manufacturing some of its iPad models in India as part of its efforts to diversify its production away from China. According to a report from CNBC, Apple has had discussions with Indian officials about the potential move, but there are obstacles to overcome, such as the need for skilled workers with expertise in manufacturing.

No “concrete plans” have been established as of now, but the discussions are ongoing about assembling multiple iPad models in India. According to sources who spoke to CNBC, India’s lack of highly skilled talent and individuals with expertise in building complex devices could potentially hinder Apple’s efforts in the country.

Apple has been looking to sway production away from China for quite some time now. The company already produces some older iPhone models in facilities in India and Brazil, and products such as AirPods and HomePods products in Vietnam. And now, the company is looking to move iPad production away from China.

And it’s not only about supply chain effects, but Apple’s relationship with China is under increasing scrutiny. The company has been criticized for limiting the availability of AirDrop, a tool that protestors have often used to share information critical of the Chinese government. 

The US-China trade war in 2016 also put a strain on Apple’s reliance on China, though the company was able to handle the situation fairly well. However, the pandemic has proven to be more difficult for the company to navigate.

Source: CNBC | Via: MacRumors