Apple’s Mixed Reality Headset Reportedly Demoed to Top Executives

BY Sriansh

Published 26 Mar 2023

Apple Mixed Reality Pro Headset

Apple reportedly showcased a “polished” demo version of its upcoming Mixed Reality headset to its top 100 executives in a recent gathering at the Steve Jobs Theater.

The Cupertino giant is rumored to launch its Mixed Reality headset in June at its annual WWDC event. In addition to revealing details about the upcoming iOS 17 software update, Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman has revealed that Apple held a private showcase for its top executives at the Steve Jobs Theater last week to demo the device to top executives. The report describes the preview as “polished, glitzy, and exciting” and a “key milestone” ahead of the product’s public announcement.

However, despite the hype surrounding the device, Apple executives are doubtful about its potential success. Gurman reports that the headset is likely to launch with several potential issues, including a $3,000 price tag, a lack of a clear killer app, a requirement for an external battery that needs to be replaced every couple of hours, and a design that some testers have found uncomfortable. Moreover, the device is expected to launch with limited media content.

As a result, Apple executives are said to be “striking a realistic tone” with the understanding that the product won’t be an instant hit. Gurman likens the device’s trajectory to that of the Apple Watch, which initially looked like a “dud” but eventually became a market leader. Apple is already said to be working on a cheaper version of the Mixed Reality Headset that will appeal to the masses. 

Source: Power On