iPhone 14 Pro Plays A Sound While Turning On, Just Like Mac

BY Sriansh

Published 8 Sep 2022

iPhone 14 Pro Black

Apple officially unveiled the iPhone 14 lineup yesterday. With the new models, Apple has further differentiated the iPhone 14 Pro and the standard models by bringing features such as A16 Bionic, always-on display, and 48MP camera only to the Pro models. Now, a new iPhone 14 Pro exclusive feature has been discovered — the Pro models play a sound while turning on and off.

iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max play a sound when the user starts or shuts down their iPhone. It is quite similar to the iconic startup sound found on the Macs. You can listen to the sound using the embedded tweet down below.


It’s worth noting that the feature is optional. Users can choose whether to (or not to) play the sound. The toggle to turn on/off the feature is located under Settings → Accessibility → Power On & Off Sounds

Reputed assistive tech reporter Steven Aquino notes that the feature has been added to help blind and low-vision people. The sound would let the user know when their iPhone starts up/shuts down. 

The Feature is Exclusively Available on iPhone 14 Pro/Pro Max

Surprisingly, the feature is available only on iPhone 14 Pro models. Apple is not bringing this feature to older iPhones or even the newly introduced iPhone 14 or iPhone 14 Plus. A report from 9to5Mac speculates that the chime is a part of the A16 Bionic’s bootrom, which could the reason why it is not available on other iPhones. Apple is yet to comment on the situation. We will update this post as and when more information is available.

Pre-orders for all the models of the iPhone 14 series go live on September 9, with in-store availability beginning in a week, i.e., from September 16, 2022. What are your thoughts on the new iPhone 14 Pro features? Let us know in the comments section below!