Reviewer Pits iPhone 14 Pro Max Against Galaxy S22 Ultra in a Drop Test

BY Dave Johnson

Published 21 Sep 2022

Drop test

In a recent video, a tech review channel pits the new iPhone 14 Pro Max against past iPhones and competing smartphones in a drop test showdown. 

Reviewers have extensively tested the iPhone 14 models like any new tech product. From battery tests to repairability assessments, buyers now have a rough idea of what to expect from the new Apple devices. But what about a drop and durability test? 

Well, PhoneBuff has you covered. The tech review channel shared a drop test video that pits the iPhone 14 Pro Max against Samsung’s Galaxy S22 Ultra yesterday. 

Both devices have glass on the front and back. Samsung has a Gorilla Glass Victus+ for the Galaxy S22 Ultra’s front and back. On the other hand, the iPhone 14 Pro models use Ceramic Shield technology on the front while the back is an undisclosed Gorilla Glass. 

The reviewers wanted to determine which is more durable — the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra or the iPhone 14 Pro Max. A quick spoiler: both devices didn’t survive the drop test. 

Drop Test Showdown: Galaxy S22 Ultra vs. iPhone 14 Pro Max

The two devices didn’t pass the back dropdown test. However, the iPhone 14 Pro Max’s back glass shattered significantly more than the S22 Ultra.

Despite the numerous drops, both devices remained functional. What’s more, the front display was still intact. 

The corner drop test scuffed the devices’ frames. However, the reviewers noticed more damage to Galaxy S22 Ultra’s aluminum frame. 

In the front display test, both devices’ screens broke. However, while the iPhone 14 Pro Max’s crack was limited to the corner, the S22 Ultra shattered across the entire display. While the iPhone may have won the front display drop test, it would still need repair. 

So the lesson here is straightforward: glass breaks. So it’s best to buy a case to protect your new device. Also, super clumsy users may want to consider getting AppleCare. 

Watch the full video here: