Second-Generation AirPods Pro Users Report Connection Issues

BY Dave Johnson

Published 26 Sep 2022

connection issues

A recent report suggests that a few users of the second-generation AirPods Pro may be experiencing connection issues. 

Earlier in the month, Apple unveiled the second-generation AirPods Pro alongside the iPhone 14 lineup and new Apple Watch models. While the earbuds have been available for less than a week, the early adopters are already experiencing some issues. 

According to MacRumors, a few users report that the new AirPods Pro randomly disconnects when listening to music or streaming a movie. In other cases, the iPhone or iPad would show that the AirPods Pro is connected without producing audio output. 

“Mine keep disconnecting from my iPhone randomly throughout the day,” a user wrote on the MacRumors forum.  “Also, sometimes it shows that they’re connected, but sound doesn’t come through, so I’ll have to reconnect them. Hope this is just a software issue.”

As the publication points out, the issue occurs at an irregular interval and has no apparent cause or fix. But it’s not entirely new. 

AirPods Pro’s Connection Issues History

Dropping connection issues is not unique to the new AirPods Pro. Indeed, MacRumors claims that a few users of the first-generation AirPods Pro have reported similar problems in the past. 

Apple designed the earbuds to connect seamlessly to iPhones, iPads, and other devices. So it can be frustrating when things don’t go as intended. This is incredibly irritating because the connectivity issue has lingered for three years, and Apple hasn’t developed a solution. 

Be that as it may, customers only started getting their second-generation AirPods Pro last week. So, it’s still unclear how widespread the bug may be. However, the publication recommends updating your AirPod’s firmware to the latest version to avoid the issue.  

The second-generation AirPods come with a more power-efficient H2 chip. As a result, the new Apple earbuds offer an improved battery life over the original version. It also provides better sound quality, Active Noise-Cancelling technology, and Transparency mode. 

Some features are also exclusive to the new AirPods Pro. You have to trade in your older earbuds to enjoy the upgrades.