Touchscreen OLED MacBook Pro Reportedly in the Works

BY Sriansh

Published 12 Jan 2023

Touchscreen MacBook Pro OLED 2025

According to a new report from the reliable Apple leaker Mark Gurman, Apple is working to add touchscreen to the Mac. As per the Bloomberg report, Apple is developing a new MacBook Pro with an OLED touchscreen display that will be released in 2025.

Gurman claims that many Apple engineers are “actively engaged in the project,” indicating that the company is “seriously considering” producing touchscreen Macs. He goes on to say that the first iteration of a MacBook Pro with a touchscreen would retain a traditional laptop design with a trackpad and a keyboard, but the display would simply gain support for touch input like an iPhone or iPad.

In addition to relying on the traditional laptop design, Gurman says that Apple will likely use the same macOS that we use today for the touchscreen MacBook Pro. The company is not actively working to combine iPadOS and macOS, according to the report.

It’s worth noting that Apple has historically been hesitant to embrace touchscreens on its Macs. In 2010, Steve Jobs famously stated that “touch surfaces don’t want to be vertical” due to the arm fatigue associated with holding a finger up to the screen. More recently, in 2021, Apple’s hardware engineering chief John Ternus said that the Mac is “totally optimized for indirect input” and that the company didn’t see a need to change that.

However, it seems that Apple’s attitude towards touchscreens on the Mac may be shifting. With the increasing popularity of devices like the Microsoft Surface, which feature touchscreens, it makes sense for Apple to explore this option in order to stay competitive in the market. 

It will be interesting to see how Apple will implement this change and how it will impact the overall user experience. We encourage our readers to share their thoughts and opinions on this topic by leaving a comment below.

Source: Bloomberg