Video: AirPods Pro Review and Everything New Detailed

BY Rajesh Pandey

Published 2 Nov 2019

AirPods Pro design

Apple launched the AirPods Pro earlier this week to rave reviews. The AirPods Pro was only expected to bring active noise cancellation and a new design but Apple also managed to deliver in terms of sound quality. We have already shared some of our favorite AirPods Pro tips and tricks and now, its time for a complete walkthrough, setup guide of the earbuds along with a detailed review.

There’s a lot to like about the new AirPods Pro including the new in-ear design, battery life, convenience factor, and more. While expensive, they seem to be worth the price with Apple adding all the features that one could expect from a pair of wireless earbuds launched in late 2019.

The above video will guide you on how to change the silicone ear tips of your AirPods Pro, pair them with your iPhone, and change a few settings to further improve the experience of using them. This includes how to enable/disable active noise cancellation, toggling Transparency mode, and more.

It is relatively easy to set up and use the AirPods Pro. However, if you are struggling for some reason, the above video has you covered.

Cody’s first impressions on the AirPods Pro is also very positive. He praises the sound quality as well as the active noise cancellation. If you are confused as to whether you should buy the AirPods Pro or not, definitely make it a point to watch the whole video above. And if you have already purchased them, drop a comment and share your experience with them so far. What do you think about its sound quality and noise cancellation?