iPhone 15 Pro Leak Shows Off New Volume and Mute Buttons

BY Sriansh

Published 20 Mar 2023

iPhone 15 Pro Mute Button

iPhone 15 Pro models are expected to feature new unified volume and mute buttons, and now a CAD render has shown off how it would look in real life.

Apple is preparing some big build changes for the iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max. According to previous rumors, the higher-end models of the 2023 iPhone are expected to feature a titanium build. Along with the stronger build, the upcoming iPhones are also expected to feature solid-state volume and mute buttons.

For those unaware, solid-state buttons don’t physically move. Instead, the Apple device simulates the feeling of pressing using the Taptic Engine. Apple has been using this technology in its devices for quite some time now. It featured in iPhone 7’s home button, as well as on the newer MacBook models. It is now expected to feature on the upcoming iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max.

While the current iPhone models have the separate volume up and down buttons and a physically moving mute button, the iPhone 15 Pro models could have a single elongated button for adjusting the volume. The new mute button, on the other hand, won’t move to switch between ringer modes. Instead, it will be a button that can be pressed to turn the iPhone’s ringer on or off. The CAD render shows how it would look in real life.

While the move to a single volume button has been appreciated by Apple fans on the social media, the move to a solid-state mute button has been despised. The current mute button has been a part of the iPhone since the original iPhone release in 2007, and the move does feel a forced one. However, it remains to be seen what Apple has in store for us. 

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Source: Twitter