No iPhone Needed: Apple’s Reality Pro Headset to Feature ‘In-Air’ Typing

BY Sriansh

Published 26 Feb 2023

Apple Mixed Reality Pro Headset

With the launch of Apple’s mixed-reality headset on the horizon, a plethora of rumors have emerged about the device. The headset, which will reportedly be called “Reality Pro,” could feature an “in-air” typing method that would allow users to input text using eye movements and hand gestures without requiring an accompanying iPhone.

According to Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, the device could also be set up independently, without the need for an iPhone unlike Apple Watch. The headset will be able to download a user’s content directly from iCloud, according to the report. While an iPhone data transfer will be an option, it won’t be a requirement.

The “In-air typing” feature is already enabled on the latest internal prototypes of the Reality Pro headset, though the feature is said to be “finicky” at the moment. Gurman adds that “you still may want to pair an ‌iPhone‌ to use its touch-screen keyboard… The hope within Apple is to make rapid improvements after the device is released.”

A key feature for text input — in-air typing — is available on the latest internal prototypes, I’m told. But it’s been finicky in testing. So if you get the first headset, you still may want to pair an iPhone to use its touch-screen keyboard. The hope within Apple is to make rapid improvements after the device is released. The company expects its headset to follow the same path as the original Apple Watch in that respect.

Apple is planning to unveil the first version of the headset at its Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) in June 2023. The device is expected to ship later in the year. The company is also reportedly working on second generation model, which will focus on even faster performance compared to Reality Pro. While the first-generation model will contain the M2 chip alongside a secondary chip for AR and VR processing, it is not powerful enough to output graphics at the level Apple wants.

Source: Bloomberg